Supply & Logistics






We are one of Kenya’s leading companies within the logistics and supply chain execution. We identify barriers and bottlenecks in your business procurement process, and have the expertise to offer the solution that best fits your needs. We guarantee to improve your performance.

Our systems and product solutions have proven to increase efficiency and return on investment. We have successful y helped companies throughout East and Central Africa implement solutions and turn logistics into their competitive advantage.
Our Strategy is quite simple. We believe that efficient logistics is the way to truly make a difference to your company's performance. Our services help you manage change in logistics processes, saving on time, labor and money.
We show you how to use your available resources as efficiently as possible, actively demonstrating the savings you can make by improving your working procedures.
Our supply chain consultants help you change processes through developing expertise, diagnosing your logistics needs and challenges, and thoroughly analyzing your full potential and ways to achieve it.


To be the leader in provision of Logistics and Supply chain management solutions in government , humanitarian organizations and corporations in Africa.


The Supplies industry is an integral part of the global economy and is needed to ensure timely and cost efficient provision of company material to any organization. However, like every industry it has its challenges that from time to time need expertise to overcome.
We aim to serve domestic, regional and international clients overcome these challenges by working at various levels from the strategic to the day to day in sourcing, purchasing and managing the flow of materials; procurement and distribution al through various transport operations .By so doing we help our clients minimize the cost of handling the flow of goods, information and other resources. We have qualified Staff with whom we have developed impeccable strategy to best achieve optimal performance to our clients, and let our clients concentrate in their core business.
We provide our clients with supplies in all areas of interest, from the most basic office supplies to industrial and oil supply.